Turn-key solution

Color Therapy

Turn-key development project including a full graphic engine modernization was completed by covering all stages from preliminary consultancy to post-production support. As a result, our client received 4x growth of app performance and 1 mln active users.

Color Therapy

Custom Dedicated Team

Partnership with Finnish IT Consultancy Company

Outstaffing project providing quality, flexibility, and transparency resulted in 4 launched projects, development team's growth and achieving the exclusive technical partner status in Belarus.

Partnership with Finnish IT Consultancy Company

Turn-key solution

Netapix: Photo Effects

Having a vast multiyear experience in outsourcing, we’ve gathered enough expertise and skills to create our own product. Enjoy an advanced free photo-editor Netapix that will saturate your images with a professional touch. Choose among a wide variety of trendy filters and let the smart neural network turn your photo into a masterpiece in a few clicks.

Netapix: Photo Effects


Discover running together with friends and people around the globe via Racefully app and join the tribes of sporting addicts to share mutual goals and destinations.

El expreso

Search for bus schedules and verify tickets availability for the most convenient traveling around Mexico and the U.S. Store all trip info and purchase tickets for the whole company in several clicks.


Free up your imagination and create cool collages with an easy-to-use photo editor Collagy. Select among the rich collection of cool frames and stickers, add texts and combine pictures into nice collages fast and problem-free.


Take advantage of the ambitious decentralized platform designed to help gamers passively monetize their high-powered computer resources by mining cryptocurrencies and getting rewards in return.


Watcher lets your family and friends virtually watch out for you. It's a simple way to feel a little more safe when you're out alone after dark.


Listen to the most favorite tracks and watch music videos right from your feed. Follow similar music addicts and create playlists that appeal to your unique music preferences.


A social network uniting people around your area. Be the first to get notified about pastime suggestions in your Vicinity and share your own ones with friends and city locals.


A messenger app that provides you with a genuine access to big-time celebrities, supreme rock stars, top athletes, gurus & your personal heroes. Reach the unreachable!

Promo App

Get a chance to become a winner of truly valuable prizes! Enjoy juices, find hotspots to scan the barcodes on your packages and collect points for monthly promos with awesome awards.

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