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Case Studies / El expreso

El expreso

Turn-key development of a convenient aggregated ticket-selling service for iOS and Android platforms that provides access to bus routes.

  • Custom software development
  • 2015 – 2016
  • Industry: Travel, Navigation
El expreso

Initial Task


The Client set the task to develop an easy-to-use iOS and Android mobile apps which were supposed to grant access to the aggregated ticket-selling service for bus routes between Mexico and the US south. In particular, Touchlane team was requested to:

  • Analyze and refactor existing iOS legacy project
  • Design and implement modern UX/UI
  • Migrate to new ticket-selling API
  • Write a custom seats suggestion algorithm
  • Build a new Android app based on the iOS version

Technology stack


iOS SDK Objective-C


Android SDK Java



Complicated Ticket Purchase API

The development process implied working with complex API algorithms, providing users with an opportunity to reserve and purchase tickets as well as obtain travel information about the desired routes and destinations.


"Best Seats Suggestion" Algorithm

Touchlane developers had to set up a smart and complex algorithm that would check availability and recommend the best seats on the chosen route.



Language Choice

Since El Expreso supports routes in Mexico and the US, the app offers to set the language choice between English and Spanish as the very first step.


Detailed Checkout

There are numerous parameters to be selected while searching for a needed bus, including a vast list of destinations in the US and Mexico, travel type, required dates, number and age of travellers. Based on the opted data, the app calculates the travel time and the overall price.


Seat Availability

The app illustrates all available seats as well as the ones that are already sold or booked. Plus, a smart algorithm developed by our Touchlane team recommends the best seats on the desired route.


Easy Reservation and Purchase

Once the user’s chosen the journey, the app shows the complete trip info in one place so as to check if everything’s correct and buy the ticket. Moreover, El Expreso provides the frequent users with special offers and discounts.

Development Process

Phase / 01

Discovery, Tech Consultancy and Team Formation

  • Stage 1

    Our team has taken a thorough review of the client’s needs and plans to come up with a detailed plan and road map of the project development, including covering aspects of:
    - team formation, and
    - tech solutions to be implemented.

  • Stage 2

    Since El expreso was a complete turn-key project, we formed a highly experienced team of experienced iOS and Android developers to perform the required tasks and to introduce their fresh vision and ideas.

Phase / 02

Project Development. Release. Post-release support

  • Core Functionality Development

    Our developers covered the entire app’s functionality development from scratch, including the vast destination choice in Mexico and the US, the route search and booking system, language setup, and location detection.

  • Release

    Once our team has completed the entire development and testing tasks and made sure that the final outcome meets the highest customer’s expectation, we supported the successful launch of the project.

  • Post-Release Support

    Referring to our successful cooperation, our client has chosen Touchlane to be a post-release support partner to help maintain the app and make a few updates.

Overall Result

The free El Expreso app was successfully launched for iOS and Android. The handy app simplifies journey planning between Mexico and the US south by providing accurate bus schedules and ticket availability as well as an easy and clear booking process and ticket purchase for any bus routes on the mentioned territory.

El Expreso users especially highlight in their reviews the quickness of the booking process as well as the ability to switch languages between English and Spanish.

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