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Custom Software Development / Custom Backend Development

Custom Backend Development

If you need to create or optimize your backend infrastructure, Touchlane experts can help you with a broad spectrum of backend services customized to meet your requirements. No matter what the domain is, your project is in the safe hands.

A strong backend is the backbone of any software project. Our staff has acquired massive experience in backend development, designing ambitious solutions in fintech, banking, and healthcare, as well as passing software security checks. We are prepared to bring your project to the next level while using the latest technologies to do so.

What We Do

No matter what your backend development requirements are, Touchlane can design innovative solutions that propel your business to success.

Backend application development

At Touchlane, our approach to backend development is to provide custom-made solutions that meet your unique business needs. Our specialty is custom backend development services — we can create everything, from small web applications to complex enterprise systems. We stay current on the latest technology advancements and utilize them to create efficient and scalable solutions to drive your business forward. Furthermore, we offer such services as API development and third-party integrations.

Mobile app backend development

Mobile backend is designed to be cross-platformed. Touchlane specializes in advanced backend systems for mobile applications that provide a smooth and seamless frontend integration with different mobile platforms.

Cloud infrastructure / Migration / Solutions

Our experts are accomplished in cloud technologies. They can assist in the setting up, migration, and administration of cloud infrastructure and help you with building new cloud-native solutions and migrating your current infrastructure to the cloud.

Technologies We Use

For our backend projects, we choose the top technologies available in the market. Trustworthy or innovative – the Touchlane team will select the appropriate stack for your project to guarantee the quality of delivery.


  • Java
  • C#


  • Spring
  • .NET  

Cloud service providers:

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud

Why Choose Touchlane for Backend Development


Proven track record

Our team consists of senior-level backend developers only. All of them have experience in delivering complex solutions across different industries. Touchlane’s customer satisfaction rate is as high as 97%. Proven track record

Security expertise

At Touchlane, we put the security of your data and applications above all. Our software is created in adherence to industry standards and passes regular security checks. Security expertise

Customer-centric approach

No customer is the same. We believe in a custom approach to any project and ensure top quality of every solution. Customer-centric approach

How We Assemble Your Backend Development Team

Touchlane’s backend development team usually consists of a senior backend developer, a QA engineer, and an engineering manager, who oversees the development process*.

Engineering managers are highly qualified professionals knowledgeable in both business and technology, serving as your point of contact. They ensure that any problems are fixed quickly, and consistently exceed your expectations by frequently underpromising and overdelivering.

*Depending on the scale of your project, the team can include more than one backend developer or QA specialist.

and Recognition

At Touchlane, we put a lot of hard work into creating bespoke software that provides real value to our customers and their end-users, and we are deeply honored to be recognized for our dedication to this very foundation of our business.


Luoto Company
Project Manager

Touchlane LLC’s developers went the extra mile.

Touchlane LLC’s work met the client’s expectations, and the team actively collaborated and had recurring retrospectives as the project evolved. Touchlane LLC was committed to delivery and went the extra mile when the schedule was tight. The team was responsive via email and virtual meetings.


Space Heating Company
Owner & Shareholder

Their flexibility and ability to propose and find solutions were impressive.

Thanks to Touchlane LLC’s efforts, the client is close to launching their iOS mobile application. The team delivered everything on time and maintained open communication lines through virtual meetings, emails, and messages. Overall, they stood out for their flexibility and problem-solving ability.


Freelancer Marketplace

We got the results we wanted.

Touchlane delivered high-quality apps that speak to their industry knowledge. Their clear communication and understanding of business goals fostered a successful engagement.


Mindaugas Stonys

ClickOn GmbH

They were always approachable, and that gave us confidence and trust.

Touchlane LCC made sure that no difficulties were faced throughout the partnership. There was a consistent and systematic operation implemented and they did not fall short in exhibiting strong communication skills. The client appreciated these as they gained confidence through their encouragement.


Henna Leinonen

Digitalization Service Company
Project Manager

Constant improvements have been done during the last six months, resulting in a solid performance.

With Touchlane LLC, the platforms were delivered excellently. There have been approximately two to four major update releases per year depending on the size. They constantly delivered impressive results. They communicated well and were responsive to changing customer needs.


Tuukka Murto


The team was dedicated and responsive.

Touchlane delivered high-quality apps that users enjoy. Executive-level engagement facilitates daily communication and a professional approach. They do whatever it takes to meet deadlines and consistently perform above industry standards. They’re capable of solving issues for a reasonable price.


Nick Petrus

Software Development Engineer

They were able to integrate new functionality into an existing custom software within a short timeframe.

Thanks to their efforts, several of the features that clients were requesting were added to the platform. Their flexible team was open to changes and working on an as-needed basis, which made the collaboration efficient.


Chris Pointon


The Touchlane developers have been excellent at taking visual concepts and making them a positive part of the app.

With an agile approach and focus on productivity, Touchlane developers worked with a designer to create excellent UI and UX features. They have provided support over the past two years, easily scaling up and down as needed.


Digital Company

Touchlane’s open-minded team is willing to work on issues with clients and takes their feedback effectively.

The application has all the requested features and is continuously monitored for issues. Touchlane’s receptiveness to input and their dedication to the project spurred continued engagement. Customers can expect an approachable team with exceptional QA services and project management stylings.


Stefan Bech


They helped us develop our idea into a working product.

Immediately after launch, the app attracted thousands of users, earned broad media attention, and reached the top of the social networking category on the App Store. Touchlane LLC addressed issues quickly and communicated clearly. They were knowledgeable, transparent, and efficient.


Ville Volanen

IT Firm
Project Manager

Touchlane was really good at working flexibly when we had to adapt to a client’s situation.

The app has been almost universally adopted by existing customers and it’s received excellent feedback from them. Touchlane LLC comes up with thoughtful solutions in the face of technical and budgetary constraints.


Alexander Zub

Managing Partner

Touchlane must be a desirable place to work at for developers.

The end client was satisfied with Touchlane LLC’s service. It was easy to get into calls with them to discuss relevant manners. In the end, they provided a talented and very capable engineer.


Dmitry Mamchits

Design Agency

I was pleasantly surprised by how motivated and communicative Touchlane LLC’s experts were in the workflow.

Thanks to Touchlane LLC’s efforts, they successfully developed a functional mobile app. The client was delighted to promote the platform publicly. They were responsive and transparent in providing progress updates. Their team’s quality work ensured the project’s success.


Mauro Senesi

IT Services Company

Each team member demonstrated dedication and flexibility during the working process.

Touchlane LLC performed the full cycle of development while refining the client’s idea. Then, they successfully launch the app in the App Store. They delivered everything within the timeline given.

*You can check the authenticity of all the reviews we have on Сlutch

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    If you’re thinking about creating a mobile app for your business or organization, you probably have lots of questions about the process.

    Custom backend development is the process of developing the server-side apps specifically for a certain project instead of using pre-built solutions. It covers writing server-side logic, creating databases and API.

    The main benefits of custom backend development are scalability, flexibility, and security. Custom solutions offer better performance optimization and can be adjusted to meet business needs. Furthermore, they provide additional industry compliance and control over data security.

    When you select the best technology for your project, take into account such factors as project requirements, development team expertise, and long-term maintenance. Or let Touchlane choose for you. We’ll evaluate the technology’s suitability and conduct research to identify the best technology pack to ensure your project’s success.

    While BaaS may seem like a faster and more affordable solution, it can rarely meet all project requirements. A custom backend is designed specifically for you and includes a unique set of functions. This allows the solution to have a longer support period, more customization capabilities, and better scalability potential.

    The number of developers you require should be determined by the size and complexity of your project and the desired release date. Typically, we advise starting the project with one or two backend developers on your team.