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Case Studies / MyCore


A staff augmentation project where Touchlane team was supposed to participate in creation of multi-tenant SAAS solution implying a cloud native approach with tenant isolation as the highest priority.

  • Staff Augmentation Service
  • 2023 – ongoing
  • Industry: FinTech

Initial Task


The Client approached Touchlane team with a request to prepare the foundation for a new multi-tenant SAAS solution (disclosed under the NDA).

MyCore’s multi tenancy approach implied creation of a cloud native solution with tenant isolation as the highest priority. Each environment (live, test, dev, etc) for each tenant should be set up as a dedicated set of AWS resources (servers, databases, network), while there should be the shared resources too, which are not isolated per tenant. Since this implies a high number of environments, the solution should provide 100% automation to be practical.

Technology stack


PostgreSQL Gradle Spring Boot Docker AWS Java 17



Greenfield Development of Infrastructure

Greenfield development of infrastructure including complex stuff as Networks, VPNs, IAM permissions etc.


Automated AWS Environment

Automated AWS environment creation & provisioning was associated with multiple challenges as AWS Organizations is a rather new and fast-evolving service, meaning that Touchlane devs were “pioneers” in that field.



Design & Tech Stack Selection

Touchlane team has commenced its work with due consideration and High Level System Design & Tech stack selection based on provided requirements.


Single Tenant Infrastructure

Further our developers proceeded with  the Implementation of infrastructure for a single tenant via AWS CDK (Containers, Databases, VPN etc).


AWS Organizations Implementation

Then Touchlane team moved forward with multi-tenancy design implementation based on AWS Organizations service.


Control Plane App Implementation

Implementation of Control Plane app allowed automated tenant/environment/AWS account creation/provisioning and multi-tenant deployments.

Overall Result

1. Touchlane team was able to build a solid foundation for further development of multi-tenant SAAS platform.

2. Implemented Control Plane application helped to create and provision tenant environments in AWS with full automation as well as multi-tenant deployments as was initially requested by the customer.

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