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Case Studies / Gaimin


Turn-key development of an ambitious project aimed at utilizing computing power and create a decentralized desktop platform to help gamers passively monetize their high-powered computer resources by mining various cryptos.

  • Сustom software development
  • February 2020 – December 2020
  • Industry: Fintech

Initial Task


Gaimin approached our team with the goal of developing an application that would determine the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine on an end-user’s computer based on end-user hardware and current crypto market state. The end-user would earn points for mining, which could be used to purchase goods in a marketplace or converted to popular cryptocurrencies for withdrawal. The target audience for the application was gamers with suitable hardware for mining.

 To make the idea come true, Touchlane’s team was asked to:

  • Develop a desktop application for mining popular cryptocurrencies
  • Create a web application to display user profiles and earned points
  • Enable end-users to withdraw BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP and others
  • Incorporate of a referral program to incentivize user growth

Technology stack


Electron Electron-Builder Angular 8 TypeScript


Spring Boot 2.3 OKTA OAuth2 Server Docker Google Cloud Java 13



Sophisticated technologies

The development required creation of native tools to implement certain features as no competitor apps had a similar functionality set. The team has been working with TypeScript (Electron, Angular), Java, and Crypto-related technologies quickly adapting and learning.


Setting up infrastructure from scratch in GCP

Establishing microservices, databases, VPNs, CI/CD pipelines, and log/metrics tools within GCP was a complex task.


Running and maintaining different blockchain nodes

Ensuring the stability and health of various blockchain nodes posed challenges that required diligent monitoring and management.


Developing an SSO solution using OAuth2

Implementing a Single Sign-On solution for both the desktop and web apps using the OAuth2 protocol demanded thorough development and integration efforts.


Phase / 01.

First Steps

  • Discovery and Proof of Concept (POC)

    Driven by the rapidly growing trend for cryptocurrency mining, our client conducted the market research and found out that worldwide gamers with high-powered computers made a promising sector with a few competitors at the moment. To prepare for the first investment round, our team has to develop POC desktop mining app within just 2 weeks for Ethereum mining and point assignment functionality.

  • Setup of infrastructure in GCP

    As timely and professionally developed POC has helped to collect investments, our team has started its work on the project with the setup of infrastructure in GCP, including a Kubernetes cluster with Helm for app deployment, a custom Kubernetes operator for deploying MemSQL database, and integration of Prometheus for metrics and monitoring. GitLab CI/CD was implemented for efficient dev process.

Phase / 02.

Project Development

  • Multiple cryptocurrencies for mining

    Expansion of the app to support multiple cryptocurrencies for mining. Algorithms were developed to determine profitability based on user hardware and mining pool statistics. An installer was created to package the desktop app along with all necessary miners.

  • Withdrawal functionality

    Implementation of withdrawal functionality, involving the rollout of blockchain nodes of various cryptocurrencies in GCP and further integration with them via Web3j. IIntegration with a third-party crypto-conversion service ( allowed end-users to withdraw the balance even in a wider range of crypto-currencies (not only those that Gaimin mined).

Overall Result

The project resulted in the development of a solid desktop mining app, able to mine different cryptos and withdraw real money via digital wallets. Plus, we created in-depth specifications on how to further turn the app into a self-standing ecosystem able to bring great value to the global gaming community as well as provide sizable revenue to the founding company as a dynamic and high-demand product in the nearest future.

Task summary


Desktop mining application

Successful development of a desktop mining application supporting multiple cryptocurrencies and determining the most profitable option for users.


Web application

Development of a web application displaying user profiles and earned points.
Creation of the referral program to incentivize user growth and engagement.


Unique withdrawal functionality

Implementation of a withdrawal functionality allowing users to convert points into BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP and others and withdraw them.

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