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Case Studies / Boreal


Turn-key development of an easy-to-use Android mobile application helping agricultural workers to track parameters of certain crop fields and control harvests.

  •   Custom software development
  •   2019 – 2020
  •   Industry: productivity

Initial Task


At the request of a Finnish agricultural company, our Android team was to build an easy-to-use Android app, providing users with the opportunity to import, export, and fill in field parameters like: plant type and height, mowing, watering, etc.

The app was designed to outrun the existing competitors, making sure that farmers will be able to keep all the needed information about the crop fields at hand and managing the entire farming cycle using one app.

Technology stack


Koin Room MVVM HTTP Kotlin Coroutines



Specific Device Standards

As the application was to be installed on a specific device with a physical keyboard that we didn’t have, our Touchlane specialists had to create the user interface that would look good on both, conventional Android devices and a specific device, based only on the Client’s descriptions and our own professional expertise.


Specific Domain Requirements

To make sure that all features are working correctly and meet the highest industry standards, our Touchlane experts needed to dive into details of domain specifics and thoroughly study all existing competitors.




The first working direction implied the multifaceted discussions with the Client regarding the concept and features of the future application. Once all the details were settled, we received the final task from our Client, drafted all the needed specifications, and got down to the app creation.


Turn-key Development

Our team covered the whole development process step by step, including the programming of the functional backend, simple and laconic design as well as an interactive and user-friendly interface having all the features required by the Client.
Boreal users got the opportunity to create personal accounts, group and change the needed field traits, import and export the selected information, and overview their workflow in personal profiles.



When the development was accomplished and the app was tested and integrated with the data server, Boreal was successfully launched and handed to the Client for future reference.


Further Updates

Several months after the official release, the Client addressed our experts again with a request to add several updates and enhance the app operation.
The renovation stage implied adding the default sort for certain parameters and improving the in-app search. Plus, our Android engineers refined the app UX/UI based on the feedback from end-users.

Overall Result

The Boreal app was successfully released for Android.

The app with all updates now efficiently functions on all the required devices with no glitch, helping the Client to meet all modern agricultural needs.

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