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Case Studies / Highground


Modernization of business app for iOS and Android platforms, a handy tool that helps managers to improve employee engagement in their teams and create the pitch-perfect corporate culture that would motivate. The project included migration of the database and iOS version and resulted in significant app renovation and user experience improvement – all with the help of our highly experienced dedicated team under staff augmentation cooperation model.


  •   Staff Augmentation
  •   2020
  •   Industry: productivity

Initial Task


The Client approached Touchlane in search of an experienced specialist to enforce the in-house development team and to modernize Highground business apps for iOS and Android platforms, aimed for employee engagement and building a solid corporate culture.

The task involved rebuilding the existing Cordova/Ionic apps for iOS and Android, moving them from Fabric to Firebase platform, migrating the iOS version from the deprecated UIWebView to WKWebView as well as fixing some bugs that affected the performance of both apps.

Technology stack

Firebase Cordova Ionic Javascript HTML CSS Yarn Grunt



Working with Complex and Outdated Codebase

All backend operations were to be realized in accordance with a complex codebase which required some time for onboarding and solid knowledge of its specific features.


Proper Handling of the Cross-Platform Issues

Since the project required the migration from one platform to another, it was needed to take into account all regulations and system peculiarities to make the apps function properly.


Working with Extra Layer of Setup and Building Scripts

The project involved dealing with an additional layer containing custom scripts and tools that were subjected to thorough examination and modification.



Discovery and Tech Consultancy

The first and one of the most important stages contemplated passing through the onboarding process during which the dedicated experts from both, the Client’s and Touchlane sides, managed to broaden their knowledge about the codebase and set goals for the successful project completion.


Team Formation

Then the dedicated team proceeded from planning to team formation, adding highly qualified specialists experienced, among others, in data migration aspects.


Migration from Fabric to Firebase

Upon forming a dedicated team we moved to the implementation of the outlined objectives, and the main responsibility for us was the complex migration from Fabric to Firebase, adding Firebase support to the project.


Bug Fixing

Once the migration was efficiently performed, the development team got down to bug fixes to guarantee the flawless operation of both iOS and Android apps.


Migration from UIWebView to WKWebView

On the final stage, the migration of the iOS version from UIWebView to more up-to-date WKWebView in order to provide high-performance API.



Once our team has completed the entire development and testing tasks and made sure that the final outcome met the highest customer’s expectations, we supported the successful launch of the project.

Overall Result

The successful completion of the Highground project resulted in the following outcomes:

1. All migrational objectives were achieved to the full extent and the renovated apps were released on time. The new intuitive interface provided the opportunity to build enriched corporate profiles, stay up to date with the company’s news and recognitions as well as to create rewards to keep the team motivated.

2. All the initially existing bugs were detected and fixed as well. The overall stability and performance of both apps were increased compared to their initial versions.

3. Due to Touchlane vast expertise and excellent soft skills, we’ve set a solid long-term partnership with the client, becoming his leading tech vendor.

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