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Case Studies / Video Protector

Video Protector

With the help of our staff augmentation service, our client has got its surveillance Android mobile app released from multiple bugs and crashes with microphone and audio playback in a short time frame.

  •   Staff augmentation
  •   2020
  • Industry: utilities, productivity
Video Protector

Initial Task


The team on the Client’s side has developed a handy Video Protector mobile app that allows managing webcams from a distance and visualizes events going on in shops, offices, stations, etc. on mobile devices.

However, the app had multiple bugs that prevented it from working properly so the Client requested to detect and fix the code crashes of the Android version of the app. In particular, Touchlane team was to consult the Client and fix the existing issues with microphone and audio playback within a very tight deadline.

Technology stack


Retrofit Android SDK Java HTTP



Complex Customization

The Android app included a number of product flavors for different end customers so our engineers needed to ensure proper styles and themes for various Android devices.


Strict Deadlines

In the context of the limited time frames, Touchlane developers were to carefully study and support the existing legacy code that the app was based on in order to find the bugs to fix.


Complicated Testing

Because of the wide variety of video devices, it was impossible to test the app on every web camera model.



Onboarding Stage

On the onboarding stage, we held multiple conversations with the Client collecting all needed instructions, elaborating on details and planning the entire working process as well as studying the existing code.


Bug Fixing

Once all the preparations were done, our expert detected and successfully fixed all the bugs concerning the microphone and audio playback of the Android version of Video Protector.


Technical Consultancy

Finally, our experts consulted the Client and offered some ideas for future app updates and enhancement.


Further Maintenance and Support

As the customer’s satisfaction rate was 100%, Touchlane’s team has become the Client’s key technical consultant for future app’s maintenance and support

Overall Result

All existing bugs in the Android version of Video Protector mobile app were indicated and successfully fixed within the shortest possible time, thus providing flawless operation of the app.

Moreover, Touchlane team offered the concept for the future update that would imply the implementation of the counting function able to detect the number of people entering and leaving the room.

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