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Case Studies / Elo Health

Elo Health

Staff Augmentation project, where our dedicated unmanaged team was a key player in development of a unique AI mobile app from scratch, designed to help people to be healthy, active and enjoy their lives at the age of 50+ by turning food into medicine.

  • Staff Augmentation
  • 2021 – 2024
  • Industry: Health and fitness, Social networking
Elo Health

Initial Task


Touchlane’s unmanaged dedicated team was to participate in the from scratch development of the unique Elo Health app designed to help people to be healthy, active and enjoy their lives at the age of 50+ by turning food into medicine. To accomplish this, Elo Health has cutting-edge AI (from a proprietary analysis of 3,000 peer-reviewed studies) to apply to personal health biomarkers and deliver precision to nutrition.

As Elo Health plans were very ambitious, our team was puzzled with turning the Client’s vision into reality and developing the following app’s functionality: chat with coach, questionnaire, in-app widgets for home page and chat, plan page (recommendations what to do to be healthy), complex onboarding process, Apple pay and stripe payments, learn tab with articles backed by contentful HealthKit integration.

Technology stack


HealthKit Combine UIKit AWS Amplify iOS Swift



Backward compatibility with AWS backend

As, unfortunately, AWS didn't support the required for the project backward compatibility, our team was challenged to come up with a non-trivial custom solution to tackle this issue.


Complex flexible flows support with deeplinks

As the project required support of complex flexible flows with deeplinks, the team did onboarding, questionnaire and payments. We used Coordinator pattern to have screens independent from user journey logic and to make complex flows from a several simple ones.


Custom Controls Library

As a separate challenge, Touchlane team was to create custom controls library to make screens fast, keep UI consistent and supportable.


Combine Wrapper

Another non-trivial task was to develop a simple Combine wrapper to easily attach spinners and processing views to publishers.


Custom Chat Integration

As professional consultations were part of the app’s core functionality, the team was puzzled with integration of custom chat solution on top of MessageKit.


Other Unique Features

Among other challenges worth mentioning are integration of in-app widgets on home screen for tasks which required developing flexible data driven components, along with Questionnaire with conditional user path as for its development the team should have to create flexible data driven questionnaire engine from scratch.


Phase / 01.

  • Discovery, Tech Consultancy and Team Formation

    After having conducted an extended client’s interview to understand the needs, plans and vision, we have come up with a detailed plan and road map of the development stages, including covering aspects of team composition and tech solutions to be implemented.

  • Wireframing

    Each feature implementation started with close cooperation with UX designer and wireframing.

  • Designs Alignment

    Before mowing forward with feature development all wireframes and designs were to be approved by the client and aligned with the development team.

Phase / 02.

Project Development

We applied iterative development process and every iteration included:

  • Upon receiving ready-to-go designs, our development team proceeded with the coding part with parallel discussions of API changes with the backend team.

  • Thorough testing aiming at ensuring high quality of the results.

  • Preparing demos for the client varifying if the results meets the client's highest expectations.

  • Collecting feedback, making final adjustments and preparing the feature to release

Phase / 03.

Release and Further Updates

  • Project Launch

    Upon completion of several iterations as described above, the app was ready to go live and we released it to the AppStore.

  • Gathering Feedback

    To make sure that the app provides users with the very feature-list they expect, we've integrated several analytics sdks and started collecting real users feedback.

  • Further Improvements

    We've carefully analyzed the gathered feedback and addressed it in further app's updates.

Overall Result

The Elo Health app was successfully released for iOS platform and contributed to improvement of health and life quality of lots of real users who pay real money for subscriptions and products.

The product release was that successful that helped the customer to get further funding and proceed with the product’s development which in the future will help people to lead even more healthy and happy lives.

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