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Case Studies / Voila


Cooperating under staff augmentation model, Touchlane team has contributed to the creation of one of the most popular iOS and Android applications for image processing, adding effects and animations to photos.

  •   Staff Augmentation
  •   2020 – ongoing
  •   Industry: photo editing, entertainment

Initial Task


One of our clients has set an ambitious goal to beat the challenge and apply AI for the development of an out-of-the-box face art editor, which will amaze the users. Reaching out to our team, the customer has requested to contribute to creation of an app that would allow users to upload their photos from their devices and convert them into stunning pieces of art like Cartoons, Renaissance Painting, Hand Drawn Caricature, all generated by AI.

 As adding face effects and animations were implemented on the backend, our task was to implement the rest of the processing, including face recognition features on the client side.

Technology stack

Alamofire Vision Kingfisher SnapKit Firebase StoreKit Swift


Phase / 01.

  • Discovery, Tech Consultancy and Team Formation

    The process of Voila development involved certain preparation and research of the AI solutions for face detection to launch a quality product able to meet the demands of modern users.
    To tackle these challenging tasks we engaged our following highly experienced specialists: senior iOS and C# developers, UI Designer, as well as QA engineer.

  • UI implementation

    Our designer has carefully thought out all the elements of the user interface in such a way as to guarantee an attractive appearance, and most importantly, great user experience.

  • Photo Library & Camera Integration

    We integrated the API with the camera and photo library to provide users with the opportunity to upload their photos to the application.

Phase / 02.

  • Face Detection Implementation

    With the use of the Vision framework, our team configured the accurate detection of faces to ensure maximum face similarity with the original in the processed images.

  • Image Processing on Back-End

    At this stage, we implemented an image processing algorithm that would be run on photos and provide users with the processed cartoon-like images.

  • Image Sharing

    We also set up integrations with social networks so that users can share their masterpiece with friends, as well as save the picture to the galleries of their smartphones.

Phase / 03.

  • Integration of In-App Purchases & Ads

    To implement the client’s monetization strategy, we set integration with ads as well as introduced in-app purchases so that users may upgrade the app to the pro-version and make use of additional paid features.

  • Testing and Release

    Our team put a lot of efforts to integrate various tests and analytics, as well as to gather and process users’ feedback to polish and release mobile face editing app that conquer the world.

  • Further Work

    As the project is still evolving and undergoes some changes, we keep performing regular beta testing sessions for the new app version and carry on the constant post-release support of new features.

Overall Result

The free Voila AI Artist app was successfully released to the market.

30.000 daily active users

4.8 rating on the AppStore

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