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Case Studies / Musicfeed


Turn-key complete redesign and addition of brand new functionality to a smart social-based music mobile app, allowing people to find and listen to their favorite tracks as well as get recommendations based on the user preferences and the people they are subscribed to.

  • Custom software development
  • 2014 – 2016
  • Industry: Music, Entertainment

Initial Task


Touchlane’s managed dedicated team was to participate in the rebuilding of the Musicfeed app.

The initial Client’s request for minor bug fixes in the original app’s version turned into a complete Musicfeed redesign and addition of brand new functionality, including:

  • User feed improvements
  • Local data caching
  • Creating and managing custom playlists

Technology stack


Core Data AVFoundation UIKit iOS SDK Objective-C



Complete Redesign

Our developers were to come up with a strategy for the complete app redesign and add modern features with a lot of smooth animations, such as animated tutorial.


3rd Party Content Integrations

Musicfeed needed to be integrated with various content providers, including Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify to ensure an extensive music collection to select from as well as the availability of proper recommendations based on the user tastes and interests.


Complex Player Setup

One of the tasks our developers needed to face was the implementation of complex audio features like sound and video streaming, sound recognition as well as advanced sound configuration settings to enable flawless app’s operation.


Manifold Social Features

Touchlane developers were also responsible for the creation of the app’s built-in social network as well as the vast functionality that would provide users with the opportunity to make their own playlists, see favorites, search for tracks and get suitable recommendations.


Phase / 01.

Core Steps

  • Discovery, Tech Consultancy and Team Formation

    Our team has taken a thorough review of the existing app, its functionality and code base to understand the starting point.
    Afterwards we have come up with a detailed plan and road map of the project redesign and bug fixing, including covering team formation and tech solutions to be implemented.

  • Bug Fixing

    The first working direction implied fixing bugs of the already existing Musicfeed version, including UI stuttering.

  • Complete App Redesign

    Once the app started to operate with no glitches, our developers proceeded with the implementation of the strategy of the complete app redesign to make it look more up-to-date and user-friendly, which included profile and playlists page redesign.

Phase / 02.

Final Steps and Project Launch

  • New Functionality

    Touchlane experts introduced a smart searching algorithm able not only to search for the needed tracks and videos across different music platforms but to discover new pieces according to the user preferences. Plus, our programmers made it possible to share music with friends, create unique playlists, look through other

  • Monetization

    Monetization is done through In-App Purchases.

  • Release

    Upon implementation of all changes as initially planned, our team helped preparing the app's release which was the point where the app got its ultimate appearance.

Overall Result

The renewed Musicfeed app was successfully released for iOS platform and helped users to collect and organize their favorite music in one place. Users could enjoy popular tracks in the limited free version or to take advantage of the advanced functionality via a paid subscription.

Numerous Musicfeed users emphasized in their reviews the great opportunity to play music from diverse platforms in one place, create unique playlists as well as get smart recommendations of potentially interesting tracks – all processed in a very user friendly and with no glitch mode.

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