Promo App

Get a chance to become a winner of truly valuable prizes! Enjoy juices, find hotspots to scan the barcodes on your packages and collect points for monthly promos with awesome awards.

The full-scale Promo App project required a complex approach as Touchlane specialists took responsibility for the complete cycle of development, from building sophisticated backend features to inserting top-notch frontend solutions for both mobile platforms and the admin panel. 

The development included the optimization of Firebase via integration with Hazelcast, multiple integrations with Mapbox, Okta & Tetrapak, full UI redesign and implementation of a bunch of in-app features like intuitive map navigation, easy barcode scanning and language switch for better user experience.

The adoption of the solutions, elaborated by Touchlane developers, and the successful app launch have ensured the following outcomes:

  • x10
    application performance increased
  • 100%
    client's cost saving due to the distributed cache solution
  • Solid
    collaboration with further support and the app upgrading


Map Clusterization & Navigation

Due to the accurate and detailed map, you can easily zoom and visualize hotspots around your current location and indicate the place where to go and scan the barcode to collect more scores.

Fast & Easy

Barcode Scanning

The error-free scanner allows you to quickly scan the barcode on a juice package and earn the correct number of scores attributed to the chosen hotspot in a matter of seconds.

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