If you’re looking for a few more players for a pickup beach volleyball game or attanding a conference and want to connect with like-minded people — just post on Vicinity to start interacting with the community nearby.
Connecting with your neighbors
Sign in with Vicinity
First, let the world know which part of the globe you’re from. Tell a bit about your favorite pastime and interests and that’s it — you’re welcome to join Vicinity network.
Search friends, acquaintances and other people from Vicinity community to connect and stay up-to-date with their posts, questions and event suggestions.
Post events
Vicinity makes it possible to search for a company within the area you’re in. Just post a suggested event and wait till someone starts a coversation and joins in.
Apply setups
Adjust the radius of the area you’re gonna be around. It helps search for those who’re nearby and are ready to join you. Add Vicinity notification distance so as to be up-to-date with the posts within your Vicinity.