A social network uniting people around your area. Be the first to get notified about pastime suggestions in your Vicinity and share your own ones with friends and city locals.

Needless to say that most people strive to find some insider information when traveling to a new destination so the implementation of a free location-based network helping people to get united around the area was definitely a great solution. Since the Vicinity app was a turnkey project, our Touchlane team realized the development process from scratch, including such stages as the integration of the live feed showing recommendations about the local public places, the implementation of a complex layer with user profiles, comments, likes, rankings and direct messaging chats as well as the insert of radius setup and notifications. The successfully released iOS app became a handy tool to help people start interacting with communities nearby.

Connecting with your neighbors

Sign in with Vicinity

First, let the world know which part of the globe you’re from. Tell a bit about your favorite pastime and interests and that’s it — you’re welcome to join Vicinity network.



Search for friends, acquaintances and other people from Vicinity community to connect and stay up-to-date with their posts, questions and event suggestions.


Post events

Vicinity makes it possible to find a company within the area you’re currently in. Just post a suggested event and wait till someone starts a conversation and joins in.



Adjust the radius of the area you’re gonna be around. It helps to set the search for those who’re nearby and are ready to join you. Allow Vicinity notifications so as to be up-to-date with the posts within your Vicinity.

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