Take advantage of the ambitious decentralized platform designed to help gamers passively monetize their high-powered computer resources by mining cryptocurrencies and getting rewards in return.

Since computer technologies have become an integral part of our everyday lives, the global demand for computing power acceleration keeps growing fast, especially among gamers who possess high-powered computers. 

To crack this issue, our Client came up with an idea to create an ambitious ecosystem Gaimin that would allow gamers passively mining different cryptocurrencies even when they are not playing and rewarding them with native tokens GMRX to spend on games and in-game assets without leaving the app or withdraw real money via e-wallet. 

Taking part in this forward-looking project, our Touchlane engineers were challenged to develop the whole ecosystem, consisting of the tray desktop and mobile app, with functional backend infrastructure and intuitive frontend from scratch as well as apply their rich expertise to create the concept and functional specifications for further updates and long-term collaboration.

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Set the mining process of the needed cryptocurrencies in order to passively monetize your computer power when not in use. View your balance of GMRX tokens and other cryptocurrencies by your device or your user profile. Withdrow it or spend on various games and game assets in the in-app Gaimin market.

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