Listen to the most favorite tracks and watch music videos right from your feed. Follow similar music addicts and create playlists that appeal to your unique music preferences.

The Musicfeed project was aimed at giving listeners around the globe the unlimited access to millions of songs and helping them to build unique playlists, keeping all their favorites in one place. As a part of the dedicated team, Touchlane engineers were to renovate the existing app in order to enhance user experience and implement some brand new functionality. We introduced a new smart searching algorithm able to find the needed tracks and videos across different music platforms as well as discover music in accordance with the user preferences. Moreover, the new functionality suggested users to share their favorite songs with friends, build extensive and unique music collections, check other profiles as well as identify playing tracks without leaving Musicfeed.


Loved tracks

Search for your favorite tracks and videos to play them directly on your feed. Let the community know which tracks you’re up to.


Your feed

Discover new music pieces from people whose taste matches yours. Mark tracks and videos you like so that Musicfeed can arrange certain suggestions.



Get the finest music suggestions based on people you follow. Remove tracks you don’t like so that Musicfeed can learn more about your preferences.


Music around

There's no need to awkwardly try to remember the lyrics and rush to Google search. Just push the button and let the app do the thing.

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