Discover running together with friends and people around the globe via Racefully app and join the tribes of sporting addicts to share mutual goals and destinations.

Racefully is an award-winning social fitness activity tracker, providing an opportunity to do sports together with your friends from all over the world, create running communities, schedule activities, view statistics of your performance, and a lot more. The development of the Racefully app implied a complex approach and set-up of the core functionality, including the implementation of precise location tracking, altitude tracking with the use of a built-in barometer, accelerometer data processing, and speed approximation. Once the app was successfully released for iOS, Racefully users got the opportunity to run, walk, cycle, ski, or snowboard, tracking performance in real-time.


Get in live activities

Join live running sessions with others or set up your own ones. Run, walk, ride or ski with sporty fellows right after joining the app. Even if you missed out on a desired sporting event, you can always choose one of your recorded past activities and race against it.



Set your personal goal for how far, fast or often you want to run, ski, walk, etc. and track your progress. Select the frequency of your activities per week, your pace goal and determine a necessary weekly distance.



Check if there's a sports community right in your neighborhood to join the like-minded tribes and reach your athletic goals together.


Check on your progress

Keep track of achievements once you hit new milestones. After you’re done with the activity, the stats will indicate the completed miles, time spent, your pace and calories burnt (simply set your parameters before the start).

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