An award-winning GPS activity tracker.Run, walk, cycle, ski or snowboard and track your performance in real-time — on your own or with others, wherever they are around the world.
Get in live activities
Join live running sessions with others or set up your own ones. Run, walk, ride or ski with athletic fellows right after joining the app. Even if you missed out on a desired sporting event, here comes a recorded activity — just choose from the past ones and race against it.
Set your personal goal for how far, fast or often you want to run, ski, walk, etc. and track your progress. Select the frequency of your activities per week, your pace goal and determine a necessary weekly distance.
Vicinity makes it possible to search for a company within the area you’re in. Just post a suggested event and wait till someone starts a coversation and joins in.
Check on your progress
Keep track of achievements as you hit new milestones. After you’re done with the activity, the stats will indicate completed miles, time spent, your pace and calories burnt (simply adjust your measurements before the start).