We develop, consult and post-produce innovative mobile applications.

All platforms. All industries.All expertise areas.

Outsourcing – one idea will be enough

Turn-key solutions

We schedule a detailed roadmap for product launch including technical consultancy, project management, design, development services and post-release support. We carry out all technical issues and guide you, deeply immersing in the project's requirements till the final release.

  1. Business analysis & market research
  2. Project roadmap & management
  3. Development services
  4. Post-release support

Outsourcing success story

Color Therapy

Full-cycle application development project resulted in 3x active audience and 4x app's performance growth.

Professionals on demand

Custom dedicated team

If your project lacks profesionals on its certain stage, we provide the ones you need. Despite the distance, it would feel like we're working right next door. Enforce your team.

  1. Mobile Developers
  2. Backend Developers
  3. Designers & Project Managers
  4. Maintenance & Support Team

Professionals on demand – success story

Partnership with Finnish IT Consultancy Company

Finland fintech market leader applied for outstaffing model and consequently increased number of joint projects forming longterm partnership.

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