You're in a steady team

Founded in 2014, we’ve always aimed at designing high-end products and solutions that really work. Since that time, our mission’s been to become a trustworthy in-house development team and share the feeling of a united family despite being remote. And we did it.

We aspire to exemplary performance. And we support clear values & principles which let us tailor available instruments to fit in your needs.

Full-scale flexibility

Willingness to change & compromise is the power of reaching win-win agreements. For us, being flexible means being able to step into your shoes and see the whole perspective from both sides.


Communication takes place in any shape at any project. But is it always trustworthy enough? That’s the question. We don’t take honesty for granted: each team member is highly responsible for their actions. Such pure outlook covers all aspects of our performance.

Far, but still in-house

We proved to be a remote but still a reliable partner to a number of companies which felt as though we were their internal dev team. We simply let them focus on their competency and did our own job. We delivered.

No red tape

Time is extremely valuable. It’s a fast Era which requires even faster outputs. Fully realizing this, we rescue clients & ourselves from extra routine emphasizing only those angles that really matter.

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