El expreso

Search for bus schedules and verify tickets availability for the most convenient traveling around Mexico and the U.S. Store all trip info and purchase tickets for the whole company in several clicks.

The main goal while developing El expreso was to provide easy access to the aggregated bus ticket selling service and to remarkably simplify journey planning. Touchlane developers worked in collaboration with the Client’s team, helping to build core functionality, set complicated ticket purchase API as well as create the algorithm for best seat suggestion. The app, released on iOS and Android platforms, allows travelers to choose bus destinations in the US south and Mexico, search for schedules, verify availability and store tickets for the future worry-free journeys.



Search for the needed bus. Set required dates and adjust the trip type. Scroll through the list of numerous cities around Mexico and the U.S. to select buses for your destination.



Make sure there’re enough available seats for the desired dates and destinations. You’ll always see the ones reserved, available and sold.


Book your tickets

Confirm your bus trip in a few steps. See the complete trip info in one place so as not to miss out on traveling details and make a purchase.


Apply discounts

Future revisions will include your Frequent Traveler Access account, discount coupons and pickup locations. Make use of special prices to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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