Backend Development

Performing backend development we provide technical analysis and IT consulting for your project from its very beginning to the final results, diving deeply into every stage of developing proccess.

Since backend development has been one of the major services at Touchlane, our engineers have obtained broad competence in creating steady backend architecture on Java and C# (.Net) in order to deliver secure products that function smoothly.


Our technologies

Under the scope of our projects, we execute only the latest frameworks and technologies, observing the highest standards of security and privacy protection to kick your project performance up a notch.

Backend toolkit (Java & C#) in use:
Java 12, Spring Umbrella Projects, DynamoDB, OAuth2, Docker/Docker- Compose, AWS Cloudformation+Troposhere, InfluxDB+Grafana, TestContainers, Redis, ASP.NET WebAPI (+Core), EntityFramework (+Core), ADO. NET, MS SQL, Microsoft Azure cloud, MemSQL.



Project stages

We pay much attention to backend security and stability. Depending on the needs of your project, we carry out either the full-cycle development, or some of the required tasks from the following plan:

  • Backend consulting;
  • Premeditation of the app architecture;
  • Choice of the cloud providers;
  • Infrastructure setup in cloud;
  • Final selection of the architecture;
  • Application development;
  • Preparation for production (setting up logging, collecting metrics, setting up alarms, etc.);
  • Implementation of the backend test script for quality assurance;
  • Final launch.



Industries expertise

Due to fulfilling projects for all kinds of niches, including our last projects for  banking & fintech, cryptoretailentertainment, health & wellness etc., we’ve obtained invaluable skills in performing even the most complex tasks. Our professionals are proficient at creating reliable backend infrastructures from scratch and setting high performance integrations with European banks network, payment systems, notification services, databases, and other third-party services so you may be sure that your product will satisfy all security protocols and legislative requirements.



Engagement models

Our team is flexible to provide custom engagement models according to your needs: complete a turn-key project keeping full development cycle under our control, form a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals designed to fit your project goals, or provide you individual specialists on-demand.

As such, we’ll be glad to provide you with proactive assistance in any form convenient for you, ensuring a quick start without even a slight delay!

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