Watcher -
Get Home Safe
Watcher is a user-friendly tool that helps you reach the destination late at night or through the dangerous surroundings safe & sound.
Sneak Peek
It works like this: you enter a destination and pick one or more contacts to watch over your trip. If you start running, go off your path, stop for too long or get your headphones yanked out, Watcher'll ask if you're alright. If you don't respond within 30 seconds, your watchers will be notified and requested to contact you. In case of emergency, you can call 911/112 (US/EU) from the app with a single tap.
Start a Trip
Enter a destination and transports you're gonna take. Add friends to virtually walk you. If you prefer to travel under the radar, Watcher can keep your trip as secret as possible, till you get to your destination safely. Only in case of emergency will your watchers be alerted.
Feel Safe
Your watchers can track your progress all the way down to your destination point on a live map. The system calculates estimated time of arrival at each point of the route, helping your friends meet you on time.
Emergency Triggers
Watcher detects signs of trouble and raises the alarm if you do not respond. Your watchers will have your back.
Stay Connected
Watcher keeps your friends at hand when you feel uneasy and scared or if you just want to keep in touch on the way home.
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